Zero Impact

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We try .....

Dear Guest,
we want to share with you our philosophy for the protection of our planet.
Verona Apartments, with little efforts, tries not to waste the natural resources that are slowly running out.
Water is the first element that we try not to waste and therefore we ask you to take care in its use.
In our bathrooms we have installed 100lt low energy consumption boilers that guarantee 15 continuous minutes of very hot water and then in the following the water will be lukewarm, we do not burn gas and do not emit fumes in the air.
We do not ask you not to use all the liters at your disposal, but to consider our philosophy as a less waste of water and a little help to our planet.
Our electricity is stored on batteries and photovoltaics so with these gestures we hope to give more help to the EARTH.
I do not ask you to change your habits, but to try to share this Philosophy only for the time of your stay in Verona Apartments.

The next step? ... Use rainwater.
Thank you
Lara and Roko